Healing Energy Rose Bundle

Healing Energy Rose Bundle


Our Healing Energy Bundles are locally sourced herb bundles with your choice of intention crystal. As the seasons change, so do the elements of our bundles to optimize freshness and support our local vendors to reduce our carbon footprint. Each bundle is thoughtfully curated for it’s supportive properties and vibrant scent. Hand bound and dried in our workshop in Oakland, CA.

The Healing Energy Rose bundle includes: native California dried white sage, Palo Santo stick, red velvet yarrow, local baby pink roses and your choice of crystal.

How-to Use:

Unwrap the bundles’ top twine to release the crystal or shell. Set in a window or nearby countertop, setting an intention for the day. Place herb bundle on a fire and/or heat safe dish or incense plate before you light and during use. Remain in sight of the lit bundle and do not leave unattended and/or near anything flammable than can catch flame. Due to the nature of this product, each bundle is beautifully unique.

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