Apothecary Candle

Apothecary Candle


Inspired by the power of essential oil aromatherapy, our hand poured candles are made right here in Oakland, CA. Our candles are made with all natural, organic essential oils, soy wax and a woven hemp wick dipped in bees wax for a toxin free, slow, clean burn. The warm amber colored apothecary inspired glass is the perfect hue for a flickering flame and can be reused!

For candle refills, please select the respective option. Currently only available for East Bay Area locations for pick up and/or drop off your replacement candles.

How it works: receive $3 off your candle refill! We will arrange pick up or drop off of your new candles at the same time we pick the empty jars. We will drop off your new candle purchase and sanitize your old jar for reuse. Because candles are consumable, we believe in the power of reusing materials like glass. Please keep in mind if your jars are damaged, broken or unusable, you will be charged the difference. Help us mindfully reduce our impact and opt-in!

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