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Give the gift of less financial stress. simply click the button below or visit gofundme campaign "Help Support Our Dena's Recovery" by clicking here. All proceeds go directly towards medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses.


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Want to learn more? KNowledge is power! Here you'll find related articles, links and resources for local support and alternatives for coping with chemotherapy symptoms from first hand use experience, real time.



I'm just a girl with a vision: becoming cancer-free and having a place to share my journey in hopes to inspire others. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we're even stronger together. Since I've been put on this path, I've made it my mission to open my hurt; to vocalize my personal experience through vulnerability and empower other women through education of local and national resources, wellness services and prevention that I'm learning and loving along the way, real time. Because knowledge is my weapon of choice. I am driven to maintain my own mental health through creativity and to raise funds to lessen the financial burden of treating and rehabilitating cancer by creating sustainable, hand crafted works of art on a sliding, donation based scale. I hope to inspire others to seek comfort in speaking their own truths and push fellow creatives of all walks to take the leaps of faith to pursue their passions, support community and practice self love through authenticity, regardless of their circumstances. Through this, #followyourart was born. I promise to make sustainable products and carefully consider my sources for all handicrafts. Because treading lightly and leaving things better than I found them is the right thing to do.


Vulnerability is healing. I believe more art = more life and it truly does take a village to overcome. We all know someone affected by cancer and you never think it'll happen to you, until it does. I've learned quickly, the best way to combat anything is with a wealth of resources. From informed decision making or access to local support, we're only as successful as we are knowledgable. #KnowledgeIsPower.

How Can I help?

Share your time, give a little, shop, support but care for yourself first. Early detection and self awareness could save you or the women in your life. No one benefits from silence. Don't be shy, lets talk about it! We are all far more alike than we are different. And together we can truly overcome anything.

The American Cancer Society estimates for ovarian cancer in the United States for 2018 are:


Did you know?

According to American Cancer Society, "ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. A woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 78. Her lifetime chance of dying from ovarian cancer is about 1 in 108."




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